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Click here 11/ Janice Dean: Fox News Fox News Sign: Taurus Status: Hate to rain on your parade (and your meteorologist-related fantasies) fellas, but "Janice Dean, the Weather Machine" is happily marriedthe Canadian native got hitched to hubby Sean Newman, a New York City firefighter, in 2007and." contestant had a steady in the form of reggaeton performer.Truth be told, no matter how sexist it sounds, beauty has always been one of the crucial aspects of becoming a news anchor.15/ Molly Rosenblatt: wgno 26, New Orleans wgno 26, New Orleans Sign: Unknown Status: Although the eligibility of this perky blond meteorologist, chihuahua owner and sailing enthusiast based in the Big Easy isn't public knowledge, this" gives us hope: "I'm not the kind.(Check out this video of his unusual forecast delivery.) More info here.

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After all, who cares about meteorology when you can stare at the.
Molly Rosenblatt, molly works as a Meteorologist and Traffic Anchor at wofl Fox.Facebook page, she's snagged herself one lucky fiancé.(our apologies to Reynolds Wolf ) and the only meteorologist to appear in a V Man fashion spread as far as we know, you may have spent a few sleepless nights wondering about the eligibility of this self-proclaimed "storm junkie, space geek, science guy, and.

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